Ultrabook will props to the mainstream notebook pc down the price tag

Report by Rata

Beijing time on August 31, news, according to Taiwan media reports, according to channel retailers the personage inside course of research says, with a laptop personal computer producers in line program launched in latest cost underneath 00 Ultrabook of computer designs, mainstream notebook personal computer price may possibly fall subsequently.

At present, the design of the substantial-finish ultra-thin notebook computer, the sort of an common price of 06, far more than the regular cost of mainstream notebook laptop or computer by more than 40%. Continue reading


Best Ultrabook: 15 top thin and lights for 2012

This year’s laptops are set to be all about one word: Ultrabooks.

The term Ultrabook is actually pure marketing, dreamt up by Intel for a new generation of portable PCs featuring its technology.Like Centrino but unlike Viiv, it’s starting to stick as a catch-all term for thin and light laptops, or ultraportables as they’re sometimes classified.

The best way to think of an Ultrabook is a MacBook Air that isn’t made by Apple, a netbook that isn’t underpowered or a laptop that’s been on a crash diet. Ultrabooks all feature a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, plus fast SSD storage and USB 3.0 connectivity. Continue reading