Tag Heuer Racer Smartphone

With smartphones becoming more and more common, those with the money would certainly like to have one that is a cut above anything else. That usually means a smartphone that cost higher than anyone can afford. And of course, having powerful features works, too. For those who have money to burn, there is one such smartphone in the new Tag Heuer Racer Smartphone.

The Tag Heuer Racer Smartphone may be considered a luxury smartphone by its price alone. But this elegantly designed luxury handset also comes with very high tech features. The body of this handset comes with a shockproof rubber chassis that is fortified by titanium and carbon fiber bridges. A high speed processor is hidden inside and runs on Android. It also comes with a customizable 3D interface as well. So far, that’s the extent Tag Heuer would give out about its luxury handset designed with the detail seen in GT and F1 cars. But its price of 2,800 Euros or US$3,600 is something that not a lot may have the privilege of spending on a smartphone. It is expected to hit Tag Heuer boutiques sometime in July.

Image Source; Tag Heuer


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