iCache Geode iPhone Case

The world is now coming to a time when the smartphone is not just limited to being used as a communication device. It is slowly evolving to becoming a device that is capable of being used to purchase products, thanks to new technology. But with most smartphones now offering features that allow people to use it for purchasing products, the most popular of all smartphones, the Apple iPhone, is one that still haven’t provided its users with such a convenient feature. But that will be changed by the new iCache Geode iPhone Case.

The iCache Geode is a unique protective case for the Apple iPhone that more than just provide some added level of protection to such a valuable device. It also comes with an iPhone accessory that allows it to store credit cards, loyalty cards, and such information on the accessory itself. All data is well protected by biometric security. This system allows iPhone users to use their phones to purchase stuff similar to NFC technology found in other phones.

The iCache Geode features an E-ink display at the back used to display barcode information that can be read by any barcode reader. The iCache Geode also comes with a GeoCard with a reprogrammable magnetic strip that can be used like any of the credit cards that a user has registered with Geode. The new iCache Geode iPhone Case is available as a pet project at Kickstarter where it will cost a pledge of US$159 in order to have one when it comes into production.

Image Source: iCache



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