Fujitsu STYLISTIC M532 Tablet

With many tablets now available in the market to choose from, the makers are trying to get that advantage by trying to cater to a certain sector of the market. It gives them that bit of edge to stand out instead of just coming up with a typical tablet for the masses. In the case of Fujitsu, they are introducing a tablet that is designed for business and education in the new Fujitsu STYLISTIC M532 Tablet. Continue reading


iCache Geode iPhone Case

The world is now coming to a time when the smartphone is not just limited to being used as a communication device. It is slowly evolving to becoming a device that is capable of being used to purchase products, thanks to new technology. But with most smartphones now offering features that allow people to use it for purchasing products, the most popular of all smartphones, the Apple iPhone, is one that still haven’t provided its users with such a convenient feature. But that will be changed by the new iCache Geode iPhone Case. Continue reading

Ultrabook will props to the mainstream notebook pc down the price tag

Report by Rata

Beijing time on August 31, news, according to Taiwan media reports, according to channel retailers the personage inside course of research says, with a laptop personal computer producers in line program launched in latest cost underneath 00 Ultrabook of computer designs, mainstream notebook personal computer price may possibly fall subsequently.

At present, the design of the substantial-finish ultra-thin notebook computer, the sort of an common price of 06, far more than the regular cost of mainstream notebook laptop or computer by more than 40%. Continue reading

Tag Heuer Racer Smartphone

With smartphones becoming more and more common, those with the money would certainly like to have one that is a cut above anything else. That usually means a smartphone that cost higher than anyone can afford. And of course, having powerful features works, too. For those who have money to burn, there is one such smartphone in the new Tag Heuer Racer Smartphone. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Sola Smartphone

With Sony now going at it solo in the handset market after parting ways with Ericsson, it has continued to come out with newer smartphones to keep ad maintain its customer base. It is coming up with smartphones that offer some unique features to keep interest up among the smartphone users. This time, its new Sony Xperia Sola smartphone comes with a feature that literally lets users navigate without touching the screen. Continue reading